Mission and Vision!

Digital Lighting Concepts is an idea spawned from the needs of customer to access design and product specifications related to LED lighting technologies. As a relative new technology, many customers are confused about the performance and quality of LED lighting. It is our aim to educate customers, and to guide them in their selection process of LED lighting systems.

Digital Lighting Concepts provides exactly that, a concept store where customers can walk in to discuss technologies, designs and to obtain technical and design concepts for lighting projects.

As we grow into the new era of lighting, LED lighting has become the only option for most users, particularly with the energy crisis in Africa. It is our mission to educate customers on the benefits of LED lighting, the pitfalls of using cheaper lighting systems, and the implementation of lighting designs.

We aim to become the partner of choice for our clients to assist with design, advise and product selection, and to deliver quality lighting systems at competitive prices.

Our services are aimed primarily at contractors and large corporate clients. All appointments need to be confirmed as we do not sell directly to the public.